Student Readiness


These interactive modules will help assess your level of readiness to take an online course and teach you helpful skills that will enable you to succeed in an online course. Online courses are great options for people who live far away from campus, are working, parenting, or have other obligations. But online courses require different skills than their face-to-face counterpart.


These modules will help you get ready to take online courses.  You will have the opportunity to review the needed technology skills and tools, learning preferences, and lifestyle. Taking these modules now, before you start your online course, will help you avoid many of the same mistakes that other students make when they are new to online learning. Even better, they will help prepare you to succeed as an online student.

Many of the lessons won’t work unless you take the time to think about your own life and study habits. These modules are purely for your benefit, so take the time to rate yourself honestly on these skill areas and learn what you can do to be successful.

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